Another year is rolling around again.  How’d that happen? Where did the time go?  Even during the pandemic, we seem to be standing still while try to move or trying to move while standing still. No matter what the circumstances or social condition, as my elders used to tell me, the longer you live the quicker time goes.  So true!

If we allow ourselves, we will get caught in the cesspool and spin down the drain, in the whirlpool, into the swirling abyss. How grim.  What gloom and doom.

But wait.  No matter how intense life gets, we have power and control, right? We have control over our destiny, right? At least, that’s what the self-help books say.

This is a unique time to be alive on the planet.  We DO have choice of how we live, how we think, and how we engage with life.  We DO have a say in how we treat others and allow ourselves to be treated.  And, oh.  We DO have a say in where we’re headed and if and how we use our talents, gifts, and treasures to serve the greater good.  But how do we do that is the question?

We can start by being conscious and paying attention.  Stop walking in a fog.  Wake up! We can listen to what we’re telling ourselves and what we’ve been allowed others to tell us.  We can reprogram our own thinking and subconscious mind and live more consciously and conscientiously with a positive attitude.  We can be our best selves or at least start trying to be.  We can have positive intention to do these and affirm our greatest and highest, even if it looks the world is collapsing around us.

We can start fresh in the next moment.  No matter how many times we forget, we can start again when we wake up and remember.  We can look within and self-reflect.  We can tell the truth to ourselves and, if and when we’re ready, we can atone for our wrongs.  We can reconcile with someone and admit our part in the thing.  What they do is up to them; at least we’re doing our part. We can only be responsible to ourselves and do what we know is the right thing.  If we do these things, then we can be clear(er) about where we’re headed.  We can live life outloud and in true authenticity and integrity.  We can see vulnerability as the true strength that it is and allow ourselves to be humbled and to walk in humility. And I proclaim that when we do this, our pathway becomes clearer and we gain greater clarity about what’s real, what’s true, and what’s right.  Then we can walk our talk and stand in truth. And we can be our own light and shine brightly for ourselves and for others.  We can be in service to life by living on purpose, with purpose, and by purpose.  We can do this NOW.  We can head in this direction as we close out this year and open the new year.  Let’s live up and into the next chapter of life from a place of consciousness and high intention.  Let’s head in that direction.