Mission Statement

The mission of Authenticity Journey of Renewal (AJOR)  is to provide engaging opportunities that empower the discovery of one’s unique self at the core of their being. By shedding, peeling, and uncovering what’s underneath the layers, true self-acceptance and full self-expression is revealed through healing and love.

Vision Statement

The vision of Authenticity Journey of Renewal  is to help people find and appreciate themselves through a variety of offerings that stir and swaddle the soul to share their unique divinity with the world.


Authenticity Journey of Renewal, lovingly known as AJOR, came to life through visioning in 2015.  The Founding Community Leader, Rev. Dr. Sunshine Michelle Coleman, has a passion for authenticity and living from our deepest place within.  She believes that through the personal reflection process, one is able to uncover, discover, and even recover one’s true self through peeling and revealing what’s within us.

AJOR hosts thought provoking opportunities in self-discovery through workshops, rituals, ceremonies, and events.  During this time in the world of so much chaos and confusion, AJOR seeks to positively contribute to global healing and transformation by helping people to shine their own special light.  Yes, it’s that simple.  If we all shine our own special light in the world the way only we can, then we are using our signature gifts towards the greater good.  Everyone benefits from us each expressing as our true great self: we do, they do, we all do.  It turns the me into we.  The more my light shines the greater our light shines brighter.

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