Mission Statement

The mission of Authenticity Journey of Renewal (AJOR)  is to provide engaging opportunities that empower the discovery of one’s unique self at the core of their being. By shedding, peeling, and uncovering what’s underneath the layers, true self-acceptance and full self-expression is revealed through healing and love.

Vision Statement

The vision of Authenticity Journey of Renewal  is to help people find and appreciate themselves through a variety of offerings that stir and swaddle the soul to share their unique divinity with the world.


Authenticity Journey of Renewal was birthed through the creative visioning process in March 2015 from the passion and insight of its founder, Rev. Sunshine Michelle Coleman, and her own experiences of discovering her true self within. She wants to continue to discover more of herself and help others do the same. She says, “Once you get a taste of who you really are and take the leap to express from that place, you want to do it more often and become better at it. The goal is to make that the norm and not the exception.”

The intention of Authenticity Journey of Renewal is to help people do just that through fun and challenging offerings that provoke self-reflection, inquiry, and honesty. By taking an honest look at what’s really going on in your life and telling the truth about your role in that, you allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to see more clearly about what you really want, thus enabling you to take the necessary steps to experience and express from that genuine place. AJOR will assist you on your journey through inspirational affirmations and articles, empowerment workshops and classes, and sacred rituals that bring closure where needed and usher in powerful new beginnings. We aim to be bold and daring in our quest for what Rev. Sunshine Michelle calls awethentegrity, which is authenticity + integrity that yields a sense of awe in the true embrace of life. Click on schedule of events to see what’s being offered. Be sure to check back to see what else we’re cooking up as the opportunities and offerings for renewal expand and grow.

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